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We are farmers dedicated to growing top shelf medical cannabis, with over thirty years experience. We specialize in Cookies, Glue and OG Kush strains. We grow indoor, greenhouse and outdoor flowers. Our indoor flowers are soil grown. We do not use any chemical pesticides. Our products for medical marijuana patients include flowers, clones, solventless concentrates, topicals and tinctures. We offer substantial discounts to Veterans, cancer and AIDS patients. Free consultations are available to patients regarding strain choices, application rates and types. We offer low cost grow consulting and solventless concentrate processing to caregivers and patients.


Current Indoor Gorilla Glue #4 Harvest

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Our Rights, Your Rights

With changing laws, and changing federal administrations, navigating the cannabis industry can be difficult. In California we can now have six plants, as long as no one can see them. How will the DEA respond? How do we respond to them? What will our communities decide about local growing? Issues regarding the legality of cannabis are ones we will explore.


Outdoor, Greenhouse, Indoor?

You get what you pay for -:) However with the right farming techniques you can get stunning results from all forms of farming. You can do this without harmful chemicals or toxic pesticides. Although we will post many articles about growing, you can save yourself some time by utilizing our low cost consulting service. We look forward to sharing our trade secrets with you!


Topicals, Concentrates, Flowers

There are so many options for medications today. Which are safe? Which will work best for you? In our blog we'll explore the options and explain how you can get the most out of our green gifts. Consultations with patients about these choices are always free.

 We’ve been growing for years and have made every mistake possible. From those mistakes we have learned so much. We are excited about educating others. We can tell you how to grow in any environment, outdoor greenhouse or indoor. We can tell you how to grow without chemicals or toxins. We specialize in low cost feeding programs and growing mediums. We know what equipment and supplies you need for all types of growing environments. We look forward to helping patients and their caregivers.